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Danny Webster is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Toronto, Canada. Raised in a small town in Ontario, Danny was raised on his mother’s love of classical music and his father’s of 80’s metal, becoming fascinated by music from a young age. Almost completely self-taught, he started writing songs as a therapeutic activity after experiencing a loss in his family, leading him to release his first album a few years later. After graduating high school, Danny attended a jazz program in Toronto but dropped out after a year to put more time into his own creative pursuits. Since then, he has released many singles, EPs, and four full-length albums exploring folk, indie rock, country, and pop styles. His lyrics tend to focus on loss, love, grief, fear, and anxiety, listing his main influences as Big Thief, Tame Impala, ABBA, Bon Iver, Radiohead and Alex G. Aged 24 now, he intends to continue exploring different genres in his writing and continue to perform with his backing band.

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